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Meet Our Pastor


Terrence Proctor attended Franklin High School and the University of Washington, where he majored in political science. He married Arizona Johnson in 1995, and is the proud father of three children, Tavar, Erin and Jordyn and three grandchildren.

He currently serves as Senior Pastor at Church by the Side of the Road (CBSR), located in Tukwila, WA. CBSR is a strong and relevant ministry with deep roots that continue to have life-transforming results through its local and worldwide mission-driven work. His ministry at CBSR has seen the establishment of many ministries including: a weekly free lunch ministry, Walk the Block evangelism ministry, National Night Out Community Outreach, CBSR Community Pea Patch, the Ministers and Missionaries in Training (M.I.T.) Course, Sling Shot All City Youth Conference and an urban mission ministry.

God has used Pastor Proctor to preach all over the country and abroad, he has beenblessed to share the Gospel in Mexico, Brazil and Africa. Pastor Proctor’s passion is reconciling and restoring families to Christ through a ministry of contact and impact. Moving beyond the walls of the church, Pastor Proctor embraces Christ’s children wherever they are. Through workshops, seminars, symposiums, and “Life Skills Development” courses taught at Franklin High School through the Breakfast Group’s Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Program. Pastor Proctor has been effective at reaching youth at risk, restoring dysfunctional families, and reconciling people to Christ.

Rev. Terrence Proctor


Pastor Proctor has worked diligently throughout the Seattle area, putting feet to his faith walk. He has served on several boards including; serving as Chairman of the King County Juvenile Detentions Advisory Board, In It Together Board (12 partnering churches dedicated to service in and around Seattle, providing funds for emergency care and resources for people in need in our diverse communities) and The Austin Foundation Board (Youth Fitness Organization). He is the founder and Chairman of the “Rally for Hope”. The “Rally for Hope”, in its 11th year, is a cross cultural collaborative campaign to unite young Christians in the Puget Sound region in a tapestry of praise.

Pastor Proctor has received numerous awards and recognition during his ministry, most recent: 2014 Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s Living Legacy Award, 2014 American Diabetes Association’s Community Father of the Year Award (Seattle, WA), 2014 Franklin High School (Seattle, WA) Parent of the Year Award, The Breakfast Group’s “Outstanding Counselor” Award and the “Certificate of Excellence” upon completion of the Academy of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) course requirements. 

Pastor Proctor took a “Journey to Oxford” to study the art of preaching at the University of Oxford, in Oxford, England, during the summer of 2014. Out of that seminar a book of sermons titled, “Athens & Oxford Sermons” (10th Anniversary Edition) was published, and he is blessed to have been a contributor to that project. 

Above all Pastor Proctor, wishes to be found faithful in the work that God has called him to, and preaches and serves to an audience of One, the Lord.

Athens & Oxford Sermons

Book Terrence.png

Pastor Terrence Proctor is now a published author. He was invited to study at Oxford University in the UK during the Summer 2015 and contributed to an awesome project titled: Athens & Oxford Sermons (10th anniversary edition). His sermon is included among other great preachers such as Dr. Joel Gregory Dr. Ralph D. West, and A.B. Sutton just to name a few. God is so good, and we do not take his blessings for granted; we would love all of our friends and family to pick up a copy! The cost is only $20.00 plus tax (yes, we will even ship you the book)!


Please click the button below to order a copy or you can choose to stop by the church to pick it up (Church By the Side of the Road) or have it mailed to you.

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